Percentages, what’s  yours?

Well, hello there!

Welcome back to another quick, (hopefully) interesting, and educational read in the world of thrifting! I’d like to get into the down and dirty of what my purpose of this blog is – education and inspiration.

My aunt asked me today what percentage of my clothing is thrifted. I can honestly say more than 50%. This includes eyeglasses, shoes, purses, wallets, jewelry, and the staples of skirts, shirts, and pants. There are certain things I do buy, and not from thrift. Underwear, bras, socks, a leather jacket, and some shoes. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet so I am restricted to a certain brand of shoes (Vionic). I am actively going through my wardrobe all the time to pull things out to sell/trade/thrift and then revamp.

I do get bored with my clothes, but I am really giving a conscious effort to be mindful of my clothing. I really DO NOT NEED 200+ pieces of clothing. I am really working on wearing a lot of my outfits and mixing and matching them. I digress.

The #fastfashion industry is running our planet. Yes, I am aware it is not the ONLY thing, but for the purpose of my plight, it’s what I am focusing on.

Stay conscious of where you are spending your money. Thrifting is affordable and good business. Good for you, the earth, and your bank account

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