Thirfted Outifts!

Thirfted Outifts!

Hey there! While this post is pictures of me, there is a bigger picture here. Both of these complete outfits are 100% thrifted. Not a promotion of labels, but places to shop and how to put outfits together. I’ll share some tips here:

  • Know your sizes. TBH my size went up about 3x in Covid lockdown. Now that I am 50, it’s more of a struggle to get it off. For now, I am completely ok with my size because, hey! Thrifting and reselling have saved my style and my bank account!
  • Materials, this is SUPER important. If you are hot flashing, like me, polyester is the #1 enemy, but it is anyway, why? Because it is the devil of the garment industry
    • It is the root cause of fast fashion
    • It is cheap and profit margins are high, even with that $14.99 dress. It would only cost $5.99 to make.
    • Additionally, there is so much of this crap material being discarded after one use. How do we get ahead of it? STOP BUYING CRAP MATERIAL
    • It takes, wait for it, over 200 years to decompose. It is poison for the earth. P O I S O N
  • Start with a color palette – this will help with getting things that will work with one another, which means a smaller closet and less hassle for choices in the morning
  • If you are inclined, take pictures of the outfits mixed and matched. Include shoes and accessories
  • One thing I like to do is browse Pinterest and save outfits I want to recreate, on a dime. There is a skirt I have been lusting over forever. And here it is! Too bad it’s a Valentino and even thrifted prices would be in the $600’s. Gah. So my search continues. Isn’t it luscious?

Valentino Skirt

  • Shop on odd days, if not shopping online. This will reduce the hustle and you may end up snagging that piece that person just put back

More than anything, have fun! Material, sizing, mixing and matching doesn’t have to be a killjoy. Remember the good you are leaving for the next umpteen generations to come.

Until next time, thrifters…

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