Toxic clothes are hiding in your closet!

Toxic clothes are hiding in your closet!

Polyester is toxic. Not just for your body, but the Earth too. Why? Well, I am glad you asked. 

More than half of all retail clothes sold around the world contain polyester. Ewww. Polyester shows up in EVERYTHING. It pains me that designers and product makers use it. But I understand why, even though I do not agree.

Unlike natural fibers such as wool (which comes from sheep, as you know!) polyester fibers come from a lab. Polyester is quite literally plastic, made from petroleum. And you are wearing it, right now I bet! Go, look at your tag.

Pros of Polyester:

  1. Cheap – which is deceiving to the buyer as even couture labels use this material and make a gazillion dollars from YOU.
  2. Durable, because it is plastic
  3. Lightweight
  4. It is weather resistant, the fabric causes water to bead on the surface instead of soaking through. Ok, there is one good thing
  5. Will not shrink if you put it in the dryer. It will nearly always retain its shape.

Con’s of Polyester:

  1. Will hold odors longer than natural fabrics. Smelly much?
  2. Not breathable. (Poly traps perspiration and heat next to the skin, which can make you feel yuck – also, our bodies naturally shed skin so you are wearing your own skin flakes all day)
  3. You are being lied to if the tag says dry clean only. You can stomp on Poly and use a garden hose to wash it and it will still hold up.
  4. FAST FASHION is the main culprit of polyester. Go, right now, and look at your labels. Forever 21, The Garage, Zara, Old Navy, The Gap, and main producers, but be mindful that poly is everywhere.
  5. The production process involves a lot of energy and impacts greenhouse gases. 
  6. Polyester is NOT biodegradable. Some studies indicate that polyester fabric will not degrade even over a period of 50 years. I found a study that showed 250 years. Oof.
  7. The cheap and easy production of polyester appeals to quick fashion. This only adds to the problem of fashion & environmental waste.

Should be pretty clear I am not a fan of this “material”.

I have had moments of excitement over finding an awesome piece to add to my closet, only to look on the tag and find that it is (what again?) POLYESTER. Way to break a heart! Furthermore, it makes me insane that Poly is used with all of the scientific data showing its harm. Go on, kill the planet at a quicker speed so you can look cute on that ONE night. Makes NO sense. None.

The issue here is Polyester is a synthetic material that has many toxic chemicals within it. Synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon, and polyester are made from chemicals such as thermoplastic, which outgas plastic molecules whenever they are heated. I would venture to guess that as adults, we don’t have many toxic friends, so let’s not have toxic clothes!




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