Are we screwed?

Are we screwed?

Two questions that keep reoccurring for me while looking at all these dismal stats on clothing waste are these:

  1. What can we do, as a united world, to stop this waste?
  2. Is it possible to come back from where we are?

I don’t know the answers, even upon reading endless articles on the subject.

“In the last 15 years the [textile] industry has doubled production, while the time clothing is worn before it is thrown away has fallen by around 40%. When it is thrown away, 73% will be burned or buried in a landfill. What does get collected for recycling – around 12% – will likely end up being shredded and used to stuff mattresses, or made into insulation or cleaning cloths. Less than 1% of what is collected will be used to make new clothing.” – World Economic Forum

Pretty grim, by the sounds of it.

For me, I sell or trade my clothing. When in “need” (more like want) I pop over to the thrift store and browse, more than purchase.

I ask you, dear reader, what are you doing to make a difference?

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