Unexpected win

Unexpected win

My daughter and I plan to see Taylor Swift at the end of July. I have been thrust into a crash course on all things Taylor Swift. I really don’t mind. She has a great voice, catchy tunes, and excellent lyrics. What I didn’t know is that each album has a color. Yes, I was as surprised as you are now. So, asking my pre-teen what her favorite album was and she said she has two. Fearless and Reputation. First, as a mother of a preteen, I am acutely aware of the comfort level I will allow her to wear. We’ve had discussions about modesty, short skirts, mid drifts, spaghetti straps, all of it. Now, Miss Swift is a beautiful adult woman. She is ‘fearless’ in her concert wardrobe. She can rock the sparkly leotards like no one I know. She can wear a bikini on stage for all I care.

We begin the exploration of outfits. Endless no’s, endless. She finally said to me (my daughter, not Taylor)
“Mom, I don’t want to buy something I’ll only wear once and throw away. I want something I will wear again and again.”
Oh my girl, my heart. My message of thrifting is being heard and accepted! Not to mention, when we resell, she comes with me to Crossroads Trading. We were on a mission to find anything remotely resembling ANY album. At this point, I was getting a bit nervous. I am a planner and she is last minute. I popped over to Target to buy Velcro to fix her shoes where they needed mending. I always breeze by the clothes, just to keep an eye out – it’s a stylist habit – and spotted the dress! Women’s Mini A-Line Sequin Dress – A New Day™ I quickly snapped a pic and sent it over for approval. It ws a go! Check out the straps: NOT SPAGHETTI. I am a bit concerned about the armholes but will assess better once she tried it on.

Taylor, my dear, you are stunning.



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