Closet Auditing

Closet Auditing

I had been a wardrobe stylist for 11 years before I took an extended career break.  I will be starting up my closet audit work again soon. I am twisting the concept a bit. As not to fill the overflowing landfills, the new twist will include some education about clothing, and remixing outfits in your wardrobe. If at all possible, not donating anything – but upcycling it somehow. There are many things you may do with ‘expired’ clothing: make rags, clothing swap, compost, resell, and retail take-back programs. Hopefully, a few of these options provide you with some ideas for those clothes that are on their way out or at least help with the process. We need to be good to our planet and work on our spending on clothing. Me included!

Cited: Grow Ensemble

Helpsy, a certified B Corporation, is currently the largest clothing and textile collector in the Northeast US. They collected over 25 million pounds of clothes last year alone!  If you want to learn more about Helpsy and their background, listen to our conversation with CEO and Founder, Alex Husted! And if you work for a clothing company, contact Helpsy to set up a customized Retail Program to keep your clothes out of landfills.

As mentioned below, Blue Jeans Go Green recycles old denim into insulation while other companies recycle all types of fabric. I:CO (short for I:Collect) is a German textile recycling company that collects textile items from participating retail partners, sorts the old clothing, and either reuses or recycles them in order to make Closed Loop Recycling in the clothing industry. They currently collect clothing and shoes in more than 60 countries.

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