It’s a rabbit hole

Have you ever fallen in love with a movie or series character style? Emulating their look can transform you(?) into a new head space even a new outlook on life. Well, at least you can look the part. I have a character I was very obsessed  Killing Eve’s  Villanelle. IFYYK. What I use to save the outfits is Pinterest. My Villanelle link is live.
I am attracted to her character as she is a total badass. She’s a contract killer and her wardrobe is ah-may-zing! It’s eccentric, colorful, bold, and suits her character. When I start obsessing over an outfit, I am like Carrie Bradshaw with a Manolo. (For those non-clothing motivated folks, that’s like ‘a dog with a bone’)

I head over to my favorite, online thrift store: ThreadUp and start down the rabbit hole. Now, here you will see an outfit that I flipped over, but I am not brave enough to wear in my life. Maybe someday, but not today.


I mean, isn’t that adorable?                                                  Not quite the color, but close!

Dressing like a character can be fun, experimental, and expressive. You most likely will not turn into the character, but at the minimum, you can look pretty put together.


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