Irish Sweater

At any point, you can change your style with 2nd hand. Think about it. You were dreaming of looking like a princess or motorcycle baddy or grandma chic or corporate casual? It may take a little work, but it can happen! Head over to Pinterest and search for a type of look you’re into. Here are some of my saves from Pinterest:

This contains an image of: Pom pom skirt - Kiki Ljung 31 Outfit Ideas for All 31 Days in December #purewow #fashion #winter #shopping #shoppable #outfit ideas #style #street style d9731321ef4e063ebbee79298fa36f56 This contains an image of: Dress pink casual outfit color combos 66+ trendy Ideas

My style trends toward eclectic, comfortable, and edgy. There are several alterations to the outfits I would make. First I would do away with all the heels. No thanks, spent decades in some pretty gorgeous high heels from Stuart Weitzman, running around the downtown streets of San Francisco. Now that I am living in a city suburb as a mom and working at a school, I still like to look put-together, but absolutely wear flats. I start with the purple and red outfit here:

Purple sweater: Poshmark – $60, what I also appreciate about this sweater is that it is hand-knit with Irish wool.
Red pants: Poshmark: $20
Red flats: TBD
The entire remake of the outfit: $80
Clothes out of the landfill: Priceless



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