The picture goes a long way, thrifted!

Recreating an outfit Thrifting

I’ve been experimenting with taking pictures, as a lust for an outfit, take it to your favorite Thrift Store and recreate it! You may be very surprised at what you find! Here are a few examples of my recreations.

I fell in love with pink on-red combos, after seeing a few outfits on Pinterest. Lo and behold, I have the thrifted items already in my closet! Here is the Pinterest Picture and my recreation.

My Pink top is linen $12, from Crossroads Exchange (no name label) and my red pants are from TheRealReall for $20 (Nicole Miller). Hemming was an extra $10 and my jacket is from Zara, truth be told, I paid full price, about $80 when it was new – before I knew better. Interestingly, it has made it through about 20 closet sweeps. So, despite my buying from fast fashion in 2015(?) I have still held onto the coat – 7 years later.


Anyway, enjoy the photos that I recreated and had inspiration from! There is A LOT out there, in pictures AND thrifting! Go have some fun on a treasure hunt!

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