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Where to start? I have been a professional stylist since 2005. I founded the first wardrobe styling company in the USA called Urban Darling. The concept caught fire quickly! I garnered the attention of many clients as well as women who were stylists! At the height of UD, there were 45 stylists all over the world. The sole purpose for Urban Darling was to recreate, elevate, design and inspire confidence in women’s wardrobes. To be fair, there were men clients too! I retired in 2013 to be a full-time mom and then a full-time employee.

Style never leaves you, it evolves. When Covid hit in 2020 and I was sequestered to my 1000 sq.ft. home with two people on computers for 8 hours, I wanted a hobby. I went through a complete, intense audit of my closet. It was very cathartic and despite the world losing it, I found my small haven, back to fashion. The pandemic also encouraged me to take up-cycling to a new level. Having been a stylist and bought SO MANY clothes from the mall, it was time to rethink the way I bought clothes and built my style. And here we are: Thrifterhood. A sisterhood, in your neighborhood, think thrift.


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