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Buy Nothing Project

I did a thing the other day. I am proud of the thing. This thing is called a “FREE” sale. It’s where you put out all the things you want to give away, for free. The opposite of a garage sale. I had two tables in my driveway with mounds of things. I had plastic bags so people may fill them up. I posted my free sale on the Buy Nothing Project. If you have not heard of the Buy Nothing Project, I highly recommend learning more about it. Here is a short snapshot:
Buy Nothing. Share Everything. Local Connections. Global Impact. It exists to build community. Everything shared on Buy Nothing is given freely. No strings. Free. an international network of local gift economies. Buy Nothing offers people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.

I have given loads away and received things I ‘needed,’ like a stack of plastic bins to sort things and regift to the BNP as needed. My heart indeed soared seeing these items go, happily to other homes. I had the opportunity to gift 2 twin mattresses, one barely used. Did you know: Mattresses are expensive to toss, and many folks give away perfectly reusable ones that will last for years! They are also quite toxic for the environment so using a mattress fully is one way you can help to fight climate change and landfill overfilling. Win win win!!! So many wins. Please, do find, join or create your own Buy Nothing Project. I promise, you won’t regret it AND you will Save The Planet!

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