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Travel Shopping

There are so many Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest groups dedicated to how to shop and build a wardrobe for traveling. I get it, I really do. It is fun to shop for a place to visit, especially when you have a Dream Look in mind for where you are traveling to. It’s really fun and exciting to take trips, especially after this very long pandemic being sequestered to your own personal space.

This is the ideal time to take to Thrifting. Think about it: going on vacation is a time to experiment with different styles and go out of your comfort zone. There is a massive amount of clothing out there, gently used or even with tags, that may surprise you, that can have a new life! Please, I implore you to go check it out! It takes about just as long to go to the mall as it does to shop thrift, second-hand places. I am betting that you will be pleasantly surprised. Comment below if you have had a win! 


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