The Everlane Score

The Everlane Score

I follow trends loosely. What this translates to is this, I appreciate the trends and get excited to see the new things, colors, and styles. I’ll take a trend on make it my own. Mixing your new with the old. We are constantly evolving, let your stylerule!

When I learned about the Everlane Day Heel, which was all the rage when it hit the scene, I had to try them. Now, we both know there isn’t much you can do to a shoe to change it – I was ok with that. I waited about a year to begin culling my collection. The strategy here is to let the trend cool down, not necessarily die, and then have your coveted pick. So here I go – straight to my tried and true second-hand online shops and scour. Well, this didn’t take too long, thankfully! I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue and patent leather. Bam! Deal of the month! So they were scuffed, no problem, I am not one to pass up a deal even if it’s not perfect. Check out the pictures! Scored my Day Heels for $18!

And, didn’t know this before I purchased, they have an ethical approach AND are designed to not be a ‘trend’.


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